An initial assessment is usually a one hour appointment.

This will depend on the nature of the follow-up. Simple medication reviews usually require half an hour, but therapy sessions, or when there are a wide range of things to discuss, will require an hour.

Confidentiality is paramount. Information will only be given to a third party with permission of the patient. Where medication is prescribed, it is sensible for the GP to be informed, but this information can be supplied without mentioning more personal matters. The only (very rare) exceptions to this rule would be if Dr Collins was ordered by a court to disclose information, if he thought there was an active imminent threat to life, or if a serious safeguarding issue arose. Safeguarding refers to the need to protect children and vulnerable adults from harm.

Dr Collins keeps patient notes in a locked filing cabinet in a locked room, and any electronic communications are encrypted.

Dr Collins currently charges £400 per hour, or £200 per half hour. This applies to Skype and booked telephone sessions too, although brief telephone calls between appointments are not charged for.

Prescriptions written at an appointment are not charged for, but if they are required between appointments, they will be charged at £20 for an ordinary prescription and £50 for a Controlled Drug prescription. If the latter is sent by post it has to go directly to the dispensing pharmacy, so the name and address of the Pharmacy will need to be supplied.

If reports of any description, other than routine correspondence, are required, they will be charged for at a variable rate, depending on the amount of time needed to prepare the report.

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Dr Collins is covered by all the major private medical insurers (PMIs). The details of each PMI policy can vary enormously, some excluding certain diagnoses within psychiatry (for example Addictions), a few even excluding all psychiatric conditions. It is very important to check the policy first if anticipating claiming for reimbursement of fees. Where a pre-authorisation number has been obtained Dr Collins will be paid by the insurer directly, but in all other situations the patient is responsible for settling the bill and a receipt can be sent to claim reimbursement from the PMI.

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